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adaptation, aliens, ants, army of darkness, barbarella, bats, battle royale, beetlejuice, ben, blood, boris karloff, bound, bride of frankenstein, cabin fever, cannibal holocaust, cecil b. demented, cemetary man, cheesy horror, child's play, children of the corn, christopher lee, chucky, clockwork orange, communion, creep show, creepshow, crocodile, cult, cult classics, daughters of darkness, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead alive, death race 2000, dog soilders, dracula, dune, easy rider, ed wood, eraserhead, evil dead, evil dead 2, film, flesh, frankenhooker, frankenstein, frankenweenie, friday the 13th, from beyond, george romero, godzilla, goonies, gore, hairspray, halloween, hammer films, harold and maude, heathers, hedwig, hellraiser, horror hotel, horror movies, howling, it, jack the ripper, jason x, jaws, john waters, killer kondom, king kong, laberynth, labyrinth, lady in white, legend, leprechaun, life force, logans run, maniac cop, maximum overdrive, may, meet the feebles, metropolis, monster zero, motel hell, ms. 45, mystery science theatre 3000, naked lunch, never ending story, night of the demons, nosferatu, pam grier, pecker, pink flamingos, pink floyd: the wall, planet of the apes, poltergeist, psycho, psycho beach party, pumpkinhead, reefer madness, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, rosemary's baby, se7en, serial mom, shaft, shock treatment, silver bullet, sisters of satan, soylent green, surf nazis must die, tales from the crypt, the blob, the body snatcher, the crimson cult, the dentist, the dunwich horror, the fly, the gate, the haunting, the house of usher, the invisible man, the lost boys, the mummy, the omega man, the outer limits, the stuff, the texas chainsaw massacre, the thing, the toxic avenger, the twilight zone, the wild bunch, this is spinal tap, tim burton, tim curry, time bandits, tomie, versus, videodrone, vincent price, visitor q, warlock, werewolfs, willard, willow, x files, yellow submarine, young frankenstein, zombie